Luxin Zhang_Vox_Yisheng1.JPG

Yi Sheng,Yi Sheng;One Billion Applause ,One Voice

is a two-channel video installation and environment for performance by Luxin Zhang.

The title (Yi Sheng) riffs on the different meanings of characters with similar pronunciation in Chinese: Yi Sheng means “one voice” and doubles as “one billion applause.” Zhang’s video features applause sourced from Chunwan, China Central Television’s annual Spring Festival Gala, which has the largest audience of any entertainment show in the world. The interrelation between performer and audience is explored, and Zhang performs both roles in pursuit of the notion of “Harmony.” The sonic environment, created by both performer and audience, is where the communication starts.


Read Artist Lane Speidel‘s response to the activation performance of the 2 channel video installation by Luxin Zhang, presented in conjunction with KNEW MEMBER SHOW .
Appeal and Applause, Becoming and Being, Commanding and Communion: 2 Performances on December 7th, Lane Speidel, Published to the Vox Populi Website: 12/19/18